Associated Services

Naviganti Financial Planning is both a destination in itself and a portal to a range of associated services and competencies which our clients may require.

In the realm of financial planning, the nature of the inter-relationship between all the parts of ones life is critical in constructing an efficient solution. Examples of commonly asked questions would include the following:

How do my business interests / benefits relate to my personal planning?
How does they way in which my estate is structured now affect my spouse or children?
How can I structure my affairs now to maximise long term wealth creation?
What happens to my family, should I pass away?
What form of investment vehicle best suits my requirements?

There are a myriad variations to these types of questions. What is common is that whoever provides the answer requires a specific set of specialised skills to do so. It is our firm view, that the days of the “generalist” advisor who provided “one size fits all” advice, have passed.

Today’s complexities require that advice givers focus on their core competencies. Our core competency is financial planning. There are instances where external, specialized, professional advice must be brought to bare on a unique set of circumstances. In such situations, we acknowledge the role that such specialists play and embrace their input in a co-operative sense. Examples of this would include the drafting of Wills and Trusts, business structuring and specialist tax advice.

Where our clients have existing relationships with their Accountant or Attorney, we welcome opportunities to involve such professionals in our process of solution construction. Should no such relationship exist, we are able, should the need arise, to facilitate the meeting of our clients with a range of trusted, independent, professional associates who may offer their services as may be required.

Such associates include:

Stock Brokers
Short Term Insurance Brokers
Tax Consultants

J Leslie Smith & Company Inc.
AG Jenkins
TSA Administration
Robson Savage

Our “inhouse” capability, allied with this network of associations, allows Naviganti Financial Planning to become the hub of our clients’ financial world. This emphasised focus on core competencies ensures that planning solutions are personalized and technically proficient.

who we are

accredited by

Not only is our approach holistic, but it is entirely independent as well. The best solution for our clients needs, whether local or international, may be housed within the offerings of any of the following houses with whom we are accredited:

Allan Gray
Liberty Life
Old Mutual
Portfolio Metrix
Robson Savage
TSA Administration