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The financial planning environment in South Africa is in a state of flux. There is a clear and determined move by the regulating authorities to move the industry and its practitioners towards a state of professionalism, which can only be to the advantage of clients. This move focuses on the qualifications of the advisor, the appropriateness of the advice given, and the transparency of this process

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Naviganti Financial Planning cc was established to meet and exceed the criteria and standards envisaged by these authorities. Being a Licensed Financial Services provider, compliance with all FAIS legislation is mandatory.

Decisions regarding ones’ financial future can only be made from a position of knowing what ones’ entire financial situation looks like. Accordingly our approach is one of considering a client’s situation holistically, considering the inter-relationship of all constituent parts, both professional and personal. The effective co-ordination and organization of all these parts maximizes our clients’ prospects of achieving their financial goals.

“Financial Planning” is a generic term which encompasses a whole range of individual, specialized, areas of ones' life. Whether from a wealth creation, wealth preservation, succession or risk protection perspective, all areas need to enjoy structuring and consistent attention so as to ensure their efficient and effective operation.

As stated earlier, our approach is intensely and unashamedly focused on the establishment and enhancement of long term relationships with our clients. An in depth understanding of our clients requirements facilitates the creation of that financial solution which, with consistent, ongoing maintenance and review, maximizes the prospects of financial success.

who we are

accredited by

Not only is our approach holistic, but it is entirely independent as well. The best solution for our clients needs, whether local or international, may be housed within the offerings of any of the following houses with whom we are accredited:

Allan Gray
Liberty Life
Old Mutual
Portfolio Metrix
Robson Savage
TSA Administration