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Naviganti Financial Planning cc was born out of the former Quantum Financial Planning which was established in 2002. With a refined focus on an independent, professionally qualified and holistic advice process, our local and international clients enjoy bespoke solutions to their specific requirements.


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According to 2018 research from the Nobel Prize-winning economist Angus Deaton, based on data collected on 1.7 million individuals…

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Any business is only as good as its people. At Naviganti, value is placed on investing in those people who have been chosen to be part of this integrated team. Development of professional and academic competency is encouraged by participation in ongoing formal study courses. Read on...

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Not only is our approach holistic, but it is entirely independent as well. The best solution for our clients needs, whether local or international, may be housed within the offerings of any of the following houses with whom we are accredited:

Allan Gray
Liberty Life
Old Mutual
Portfolio Metrix
Robson Savage
TSA Administration